Generic model release form

If the images that you are submitting to stock agencies have an identifiable human face, then you will need a model release. Every stock agency has its own model releases (usually pdf file) and they include company logo or signature so it isn’t usable on other stock agencies. Sometimes you want to sell some photos on more than one micro stock site and you don’t want the hassle of asking a possible model to sign 5 different model releases. Solution for this problem is generic model release.

On generic model release you don’t have any logos, copyrighted signs and other elements that could be a reason for rejecting correctly signed model release. Sometimes some agencies rejects your model release if your model didn’t wrote his/her phone number. This could be potential problem if your model don’t want or doesn’t have phone. This could be avoided if you write false phone number or your own number :) (Remember, I didn’t told you this :)

Good idea is to print few copies and put them in your photo bag together with camera. It could be helpful if you find model while you are on vacation or in other country so it could be signed right after photo session.

COMMENT 26.6.2007.
As I can see in comments, many visitors are not satisfied with model release I posted here. You can download that generic model release here (new window). But if you don’t like terms and conditions mentioned in generic model release posted above, you can use fixed generic model release (new window) so your models probably won’t make any problems with it. After detailed reading I see that first model release was not so good.

So, my advice is to download fixed model release or if you like you can download both and compare them.

Once again, here is the link for fixed version. generic-fixed.pdf

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8 Responses to “Generic model release form”

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  2. mangiaphoto – Generic model release form…

    If the images that you are submitting to stock agencies have an identifiable human face, then you will need a model release. Read more……

  3. DAVE says:

    Keeper, thanks.

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  5. Raoul says:

    Did anyone read the terms of that release? What model in their right mind would say yes to that?! I know I wouldn’t.

  6. mangia says:


    I noticed that few visitors was suspicious against generic model release and text inside. So, I posted fixed version. With new version you probably won’t have any problems with your models and model release text.

    Once again. I’m sorry if you had any problems with first model release. Use the second one and you will be satisfied… :)

    Best regards

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